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Tube Amp Repair, Service and Modifications

Custom built amps to your specifications.

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Tube Amp Repair (FYD Amps)



Desktop Studio Series: Champ and a Jubilee


"I brought my 1978 Fender Bassman 135 head to Dan for what I thought was just a check-up.  He replaced only the components that it needed - nothing more - and in the process took away a hum that I believed I would have to live with.  I am so happy with the work that he did, the totally reasonable price, and the quality of communication in the process.  If you have an amp that isn't all it could be, take it to Dan, and I'll bet your expectations will be exceeded as well!."



 "Custom" Vibrolux mods...

 "...amp sounds fantastic and I haven't got 24 hours' burn-in on it yet. Richness, detail, firmness, response: it's all happening now. I can't thank you enough."

Updated April 2012